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W Barber Spa & Salon of Royal Oak

W Barber Spa & Salon of Royal Oak

Men take care of the hair on their head,  the beard on their face — but they often forget all about the hair in-between — their eyebrows.

Your eyebrows are a pretty dominant feature on your face, so getting them right is essential. 

When it comes to men's brow grooming we are experts and will make sure to keep them looking as natural as possible.  

It’s Time to Get Your Eyebrows Professionally Groomed

1. Quit Being Such a Baby. This doesn’t undermine your manhood.  

2. Specific Men's Brows.  You’re just there to get rid of the excess. Key words like "natural," "manly," and "clean-up" are your friends.

Just like a getting a fresh haircut or shape-up, keeping your brows neatly groomed will enhance your appearance